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Forex Husky Story

All beginnings are hard

My name is Mantas and my journey into the Forex world began 14 years ago. I was a regular economics student at the time and I was driven by the idea of getting rich fast. Like many beginners, I had no idea where to start from and was very naïve. I watched thousands of YouTube videos about various trading styles, ranging from scalping to long-term trading. I tried many different trading strategies with no clear idea, and it all led me to countless mistakes and financial loss. Facing serious money problems, I had no other choice but to look for better job opportunities abroad. I spent the next 4 years in Denmark and the Netherlands working at various jobs. I often had to work night shifts, meaning I had no social life whatsoever. But despite all of this, I was still determined to find the Forex Holy Grail, so I used to spend my evenings testing various trading strategies. The problem was that I was still looking at Forex trading as a way to get rich fast, so I didn’t apply any risk management rules, often going all in and losing my money fast.

But then I had an epiphany

It took me 7 years to realize that the Forex market has its own Laws of Nature that need to be respected. I realized that, just like in nature, all the participants in the Forex market can be divided into predators and prey. All the individual traders in the earlier stages become a prey in Forex market. According to broker statistics, 90% of the novice traders lose their first deposits. Due to the lack of knowledge about the way the Forex system functions, such traders tend to base their actions on their imagination. Predators are all the big boys – banks, hedge funds, and other professional traders. I got sick of being prey and losing money. I realized that if I ever wanted to make money in the Forex market, I had to learn from the predators.

I started making serious money

What I realized is that there’s no such thing as the Holy Grail strategy in the Forex market. It’s impossible to turn your $1,000 into $1,000,000 without any risk of losing money. So I decided to choose stability and peace, and began my journey into becoming a professional Forex trader. This transformation was a difficult one, and took me another 4 years to complete. During that period, I created my Forex Husky trading strategy. It‘s based on the predator behavior and its annual return reaches 60-100% with 2% risk on each trade. It gives 4200 pips net profit per year on average. But the best thing about my strategy is that it takes only 20 minutes of my time during the day. I can finally relax and spend more time with my family and friends, as well as practice my other hobbies. I‘m back in my home country again.

Now I want to share my strategy with you

I strongly believe that anyone can become a successful Forex trader. Yes, it took me 14 years to master the Forex market, but this challenging yet amazing journey gave me the knowledge and confidence to create the fail-proof Forex Husky trading strategy. I gathered a motivated team of professionals who share the same vision as I do, and we’ve been successfully implementing this strategy for the last 3 years. Now I want to share it with you. Make the best of it!

High Risk Warning

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